vvvv beta


Project Dongle

A dongle can be bought in addition to each active (less than a year old) permanent vvvv beta license.

Using a dongle when deploying a vvvv beta project adds the following:

  • The source code of your project is encrypted
  • Works only for versions of vvvv up to beta41, ie. not the latest beta42!
  • Allows you to limit the period of time the project can run
  • Requires a dongle for each running instance, effectively allowing you to determine the number of copies your projects can run

Read all about how it works on the Protektor page.


Order Information


Single Dongle

Volume Discounts

80.00 €

(excl. VAT)

  • 22% off for the 4th to 9th dongle
  • 33% off for the 10th to 19th dongle
  • 44% off for the 20th to 99th dongle
  • 55% off for the 100th and more dongles

Discounts are applied automatically depending on the overall number of dongles you're buying now or have bought in the past.


Without discount

Total with discount


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