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Device License / Monthly

Device licenses are needed in addition to developer licenses when not using the export option that is included with a developer license. They allow you to have vvvv gamma running unattended on a PC or virtual machine in a deployment scenario, like a PC in a museum or trade show.

  • Allows for commercial use of vvvv gamma on a device or virtual machine other than a developer's PC
  • Can be used on a single device or virtual machine at a time
  • Includes updates within the covered months

The license is valid only for the covered period.



Order Information

vvvv gamma costs depending on the size of your business.

Individuals: A private individual, not reimbursed by a company, with less than 50k € gross annual revenue
Freelancer or SME: Freelancer, Small or Medium Enterprise, Academic research, NPO's
Big Fish: NFT artists and Enterprises larger than SMEs or owned by a big fish

Yes, this is unusual. But we know that our customers are very diverse and we want to make vvvv affordable to as many people as possible. Therefore we decided to charge you according to the size of your business.

Like this, financially more potent users support the use of vvvv by a more diverse crowd and make it possible for us to make vvvv free for education. This should allow the community of users to grow faster, which in turn is in the best interest of every single user.

Not sure which one to check? Describe us your situation via licensing@vvvv.org and we'll figure it out together!

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